Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here 

Pentecost, the birthday of the church, is rapidly approaching.  The day when tongues of fire descended upon the apostles.  

As a church we just finished celebrating Holy Week, and Easter, and as worship leaders and music directors we are on the downhill slide to summer, a time to reload for the next liturgical year, and to get ready for the fall music season.

Sure we may still have confirmation masses, weddings, funerals, and the like, but Pentecost is really the last big feast of the season.  

One of my…

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day/In Christ Alone 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!  In honor of today, I thought I would write about one of my favorite contemporary hymns written by an Irish composer, Keith Getty, and an English composer, Stuart Townend.  

"In Christ Alone," the world-renowned hymn has been recorded by numerous artists over the past decade—including Owl City, Natalie Grant and Newsboys—and is a classic sung in churches around the globe.  I love using this great anthem for gathering, preparation, and even communion.  It can be intimate…

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Restless by Audrey Assad and Matt Maher 

This song has become one of my favorite worship songs of the last few years.  While I know it is not new, I feel like it really has not gotten the attention it deserves.  

I have used this song in mass, in worship settings, and it always serves to draw the congregation into a deep reflection of their relationship with the Living God.  For me it has always created a sense of longing to be drawn into the arms of Christ and to truly rest in him and not in the worldly things surrounding us on a daily basis.

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Matt Maher Because He Lives (Amen) 

Here is our weekly Catholic Worship Leader song blog featuring Matt Maher's song "Because He Lives (Amen)."  

This song could work in a variety of ways in your mass or worship setting, as a gathering, offering song, or even a Meditation/Worship song after communion.  It really serves to bring people to the idea that all we are as catholic christians, and all we will become, is because of his death and resurrection.  We would not be church without it.  

I love the idea of the word "Amen" in the chorus…

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Catholic Worship Leader Song of the Week "The Jesus Song" 

Blessings everyone!  This is our weekly Catholic Worship Leader song of the week for the week of January 12th, 2015.  

"The Jesus Song" is a great song that was recently introduced to my community by fellow songwriter, worship leader, and mission presenter, Tom Booth.  It is a very simple, yet powerful worship song that is very easy to learn and sing, and can easily be used inside the liturgy, or at other worship services such as an XLT worship night.  

Tom recently released his latest CD, "Time Stands…

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